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You've got something to celebrate – a wedding, a graduation, or a chapter of your family's story. Good news! I never pass up a good party. The truth is, I love celebrating with my people. You'll find me ready to document every perfect detail, with a camera in one hand, a Starbucks (strawberry acai with lemonade and light ice, please!) in the other, and my dancing shoes ready to hit the floor. 

The vibrant, timeless photos I take are a reflection of the joyful, colorful life my clients are drawn to. This is your time to shine! I've spent the last 13 years capturing memories and celebrating right alongside my lovely clients, and I would be honored to do the same for you. 

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I’m Tracy – TWP Owner, Asheville & Charleston Photographer & starbucks LOVER

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My parents introduced me to Charleston years ago on a summer camping trip. It was approximately 9,000 degrees, but what I remember most are the colors and the architecture of the buildings. I was smitten.

Since then, I’ve enjoyed visiting with my family, and I frequent the Holy City for work and play. Any chance I get to take a stroll down those cobblestone streets brings me joy! 

And elegant Charleston weddings? Whew! Don't even get me started. Nothing lights up my photographer's heart more than getting to capture every exquisite detail of a dreamy big day in my favorite city. Planning your own perfect wedding in Charleston? We should talk!

i'm a charleston wedding photographer based in asheville

My Heart Lives in Charleston 

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If wandering the aisles at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods were an Olympic sport, I'd be a five-time gold medalist. These stores are my happy place.

My Besties

There's nothing better than a shared meal and lots of laughter with my girl friends. Bonus points if we're indulging in Japanese food! 

I'm obsessed with decorating our new home! When I'm not editing, I love to travel to Charleston to shop for the perfect home décor.


Family & Faith are first in my life!!  I love spending time with my husband, my kids and Rico boy (my min pin)


A few of my favorite things:

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I know all about that giddy, romantic, head-over-heels love that you're feeling right now. And it's my favorite!

Van, my husband (I never get tired of calling him that!), is the Southern gentleman I didn't know I wanted, but always needed. I’m blessed to be his wife. He supports me and cheers me on, showing me what true love looks like in action. It’s not While You Were Sleeping, but it’s a real love story that’s all ours.

I know you've got a beautiful love story to tell, too! Click below to share your story, and while we're at it, let's get your photo session or wedding day on the calendar. I can't wait to hear from you! 

My husband Van and I are newlyweds, too. 

An Unexpected Love Story

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